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In honor of Cyber Monday- thought we'd interject a bit of a reality check...

Think all of that email marketing is really great for the environment? Think again. As this powerful graphic (a collaboration from Good and Column Five Media) illustrates, global electronic waste is a mounting problem.

Each year in the U.S. alone we throw out 47.5 million computers and 100 million cell phones. Globally, electronic waste is mounting up to 40 million TONS per year, and much of that waste is cargo-ed to foreign countries for disposal.

Unfortunately- there's not an Ap for that- so next time you think you need the latest and greatest new model phone, pad, pod, puter- consider hanging on to that device for at least another 6 months. Less waste = yep, less waste!

Image/eco specs via Goodis.com


Happy Thanksgiving!

A perfect time of year to take a moment to offer our humble thanks for your support, patronage, follows and friendship. We wish each of you a beautiful and gracious day.

With much gratitude,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo 1: Photograph by Kevsyd via Flickr
Photo 2: Google images


Eco Thanksgiving

Planning Thanksgiving dinner? Anticipating a busy week? Here are a few good posts we've linked in to gather green for your Thanksgiving Day gathering:

Planning tips from Planet Green here, cooking tips from Living Maxwell here, Eco cookware from GreenPan here, heritage turkey tips from LocalHarvest here and fool proof turkey recipes from Martha here.

Wow! Happy planning!

Photo: MarthaStewart.com


Once in a Blue Moon

21 November 2010

I thought a quick post about today's Blue Moon would be a short, sweet and simple matter. But, there's no fooling Mother Nature and it seems there are several illuminating definitions and the entire matter gets complex. Suffice it to say, you can read more HERE and HERE and know that, today, no matter what- is a bit special... Enjoy!


Compostable Leaf Bags

Looking for a greener alternative to wrap up your Autumn cleanup? Check out these compostable lawn bags...

Dsolvbags are 100% compostable, hold 50% more than paper leaf bags and a portion of sales go to support local parks. A bit of an investment up front ($19.95) - but a great way to clean green (and orange and red and brown)!

For how to and info videos click here and to purchase, find a local location near you.


Green Paper Company in Midwest Living

Proud of the company we keep! The new December issue of Midwest Living highlights local faves... including us!

Images by Midwest Living
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