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Just got our December issue of Ready Made magazine - and loving every page after crafty page. Focusing on a DIY holiday with style, there is something for everyone on your list! Check Ready Made out online or see the full issue at Coverleaf.


Happy Thanksgiving!


The year has turned its circle,
The seasons come and go.
The harvest all is gathered in
And chilly north winds blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields, their yellow grain,
So open wide the doorway ---
Thanksgiving comes again!

- O
ld Rhyme

Illustration via poetryfoundation.org
Poem via thanksgiving-day.org


Pumpkin Pie Madness

"Libby's Warns of a Canned Pumpkin Shortage" read the headline of a recent article in the NY Times - stirring the pot for Thanksgiving bakers nationwide. Nestle, which produces the nations most popular brand of canned pumpkin, cited heavy rains in the Midwest as the problem. Most commercially grown pumpkins come from the Midwest and Morton, Illinois is the "pumpkin capital of the world".

Meanwhile, the news out west is far better and organic farms in Oregon are picking up the slack. A great organic crop this year has lead to record breaking sales of canned organic pumpkin. Organic pumpkin typically accounts for only 3-4% of the canned pumpkin market so this year will surely be an exception.

Maybe this years bumper organic crop will be next years new Thanksgiving go to! And all the more reason to shop local- a great time to check out your local farm stand and start scoopin' out the seeds!


Drumroll Please...

Since the week of Thanksgiving is now upon us, it's only fitting that we say a big thank you to all who entered our great big thank you note giveaway. We had 3 lucky random winners - and they are, by entry #.

Entry #6 Danielle, Sacramento Green

Entry #7 Mama Magpie

Entry #1 Bwana Papyrus

If you are one of these lucky winners, please email sales@greenpapercompany.com with your name and mailing address no later than Wednesday 11/25 to claim your prize, which we will mail to you. If you are not a winner this time, check back for more great green giveways to come!

"Give Thanks" Bunting via Etsy


Interview: Enjoy & Co.

Back in my corporate retail days I had the distinct pleasure of working with Monique Keegan, a marvelously talented Fashion Director. Monique has since traded in her clothing swatches for upholstery swatches- focusing her talents on interior design. She has restored some incredible homes giving them new life, infused with her style.

Monique recently opened a fabulous store for her vintage finds that serve as decor for her interior design business- Enjoy & Co. Situated in the picturesque town of Granville, Ohio- she purchased an old, run down (seriously run down) car repair garage and turned it in to a stunner of a space. We posed some questions that she graciously answered, so read on for a glimpse into her world- and "Enjoy"...

1. How would you define your style?
We call it timeless modern... an eclectic mix of timeless vintage pieces with new contemporary ones to create a new look for both.

2. So much of your design style re-purposes vintage everyday objects. How did this come about?
Originally I think it stems for a love of the history behind an item.... I love being able to tell the story behind how a piece was originally intended for use.... but then creating a new way to "enjoy" it!

3. Are there other eco-conscious elements used in your designs?
I love to use pieces that are "natural" or "real" whenever possible... organic cotton, live plants, naturally oxidized metals, and timber from my property to make furniture. I like to focus on integrity of materials... no "fake or faux"... I'd rather hunt for a vintage treasure with real patina created over time vs. using manufactured finishes to achieve the same look. Thus minimizing chemicals used!!!!

4. What are your favorite re-purposed finds that are on your must have list?
For the shop and for clients- anything glass- to become a terrarium or a show case, vintage industrial carts are always timeless as coffee tables, kitchen islands and bookcases, lab ware for vases, storage and serving ware.

5. Many of our readers are designers- any design tips for eco inspired workspaces and studios? (Storage solutions, surface ideas, finishes?)
Think repetition and multiples to create organization and a zen like feeling all at the same time: vintage wire locker baskets to store swatches / swipes / color chips. Apothecary bottles and vintage glassware to organize small items. Carts with trays for shelving on wheels are amazing for design on the go.

Surfaces: Am mad for metal: stainless steel, cold rolled steel, zinc, galvanized. Indestructible, especially if you are a fan of patina wear. Also- I am in love with limestone... feels amazing as a surface for counters and wears well over time.

6. I know you from the fashion world. How has fashion influenced your style?
Hmm... well, coming from the fashion world, I think I have the passion for needing frequent newness to inspire me.. So when I make any substantial purchase personally or for the shop, it has to be able to be a chameleon for me.... able to be utilized in a variety of situations and stand the test of time. That being said, I also like to buy "fashion" accent pieces each season that may end up being packed away and re-used at a later date, or for another project. They are the catalysts that create change routinely or seasonally that inspire me.

I also still am somewhat connected on a different level and Enjoy & Co. has just completed a two prototype store designs for American Eagle- one in Times Square and one at Garden State Plaza.
7. Many of us are working on Spring collections. Paper that is (not clothing). Any trend spotting musts that you see for Spring?
Spring 2010... a time for fresh beginnings! I'm still going to focus on the "green" principles that are essential at Enjoy Co. reuse, recycle, re-purpose... using vintage pieces with history or a story to tell. Playing with fresh colors to add pop in pillows, vases, accessories... yellows, tomato red, and of course green!!! Layering on modern even unexpected luxe touches for a sense of humor.

8. Lighting is a particular passion and you have some fab fixtures - how do you find them?
Actually, most of the time, I don't- I refurbish pieces and parts- and design new fixtures re-using elements. I have a small group of locals craftsmen that incorporate my ideas and fabricate them in to the great pieces you see. They're constantly making new pieces for me and I keep a current inventory on my facebook page.

Thanks Monique, for letting us have a glimpse. LUV your new space and can't wait to see more!

Photos by: Enjoy & Co., Country Living, Found Style, Capital Style, House Trends and Green Paper Company


Thursday Giveaway & Give Gratitude

If there's one thing all our bestselling greeting cards have in common - it has to be the sentiment of thanks. So it's appropriate that our next giveaway is taking place so close to one of our favorite holidays of Thanksgiving. Not many associate thank you cards with Thanksgiving, but they go hand in hand. They both evoke warm feelings of remembrance, celebration and appreciation. While Thanksgiving isolates a day and kicks off the season of giving; a thank you card, on the other hand, can so simply express thanks any day we please and sometimes for no reason other than gratitude.

As our thanks and giving to you - our next giveaway is for 3 lucky randomly chosen winners! You'll receive a sweet package of ALL our bestselling 100 percent post consumer thank you notes so you can pass the love on to those who you most appreciate (fyi - you'll have enough thank you notes to write lots-o-people!).

Please comment to THIS blog post with your name or company (anonymous posts cannot be counted), by 6pm CST on Friday 10/20. We will post the winners via blog post and twitter on Monday 10/23 and inform you on how to claim your prize! Good luck!


Year Round Best Sellers

Looking for quick pick me up holiday gifts? Check out these Greenotes® year round best sellers to brighten your sales floor with an eco infusion:

Greenotes- Arbor & Aviary / Left to right: 4 Bar 3 Bird, Monarch Flat 3 Bird,
A7 Flat 3 Bird

Greenotes- Floribunda / Left to right: A7 Flat Vine, Monarch Flat Bud, A2 Bud,
Bud Re-wrap

Greenotes- Arbor & Aviary / Left to right: 4 Bar Arbor Thank You, A2 Arbor,
Arbor Re-wrap

Cards are 100% PCW printed with soy ink. See the entire Greennotes collection on our website ... available now for immediate shipment.


Eco-Elegant Wedding Show

Lot's of eco-wedding shows sprouting up throughout the country. This coming weekend is the Eco-Elegant event in Portland, so if you are out there- don't miss it. Keep an eye here- we'll try to let you know if we hear of shows around the country and be sure to let us know if you are hosting or participating in a show in your community- we'd love to give it a shout out!

Source: TheGreenBride.com


Fill Up Your Dance Card

If you are in and around the Chicago area over the next couple of weekends - have we got some crafty events for you!

First up is an event tonight - this one fills up quick, so call or email before going! It's the Chicago Craft Social, the idea being that you bring any unwanted craft supplies that are lurking around your home. Fabric, scrap booking paper, beads, buttons, whatever... if you don't want it anymore, we do! We'll sort the items on the swap table and you'll have the opportunity to "shop" throughout the evening. One crafter's junk is another's treasure, right? The leftover supplies will be donated. So cool - we love this event!

This Saturday, from 9 to 5, the first annual Holiday Market put on by the DIY (design it yourself, they do the work) 1154 Lill Studio Handbag boutique takes place. We are excited about this one as it features a couple of our favs and friends, Orange Beautiful and Cardiology. Can't wait to catch up with them - and buy a print or two!

To round out this crafty triple threat, there's the DIY Trunk Show, organized by the Chicago Craft Mafia. Free admission and a Chicago-centric group of great exhibitors is more than enough to get us there!

If that wasn't enough holiday pre-planning and socializing, be sure to check out the One of A Kind show and of course, the Renegade Holiday Fair (in Chicago & San Fran!).


Squares and 6's

Just in - a fresh batch of 5 3/4 squares and A6's - it's a great time to stock up...

Available in: Ash, Balsam Fir, Beech, Chestnut, Goldenseal, Golden Oak, Magnoila, Redwood, Sugar Maple, White Birch and Yellow Birch

BULK: A6/250 pack and SQUARE/100 pack
PACKAGED: 12/pack (min. 6 per color)



We can't say enough good things about what Anna from Rifle Design does with paper - especially when some of it comes from us! So we were truly smitten when we came across this sweet invitation suite featuring our 100% pcw Jackpine 4bar rsvp envelopes. Because Anna is an illustrator as well as a graphic designer, she has an eye, a hand, and a knack for creating these one of a kind beauties which usually feature hand painted decorative portraits, maps and motifs to fit the events theme perfectly. Just fantastic!

To see the full range of Rifle Design's work, visit their website and blog!
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