Headed East

It's smack dab in the middle of summer - and we are loving every minute of it. What better way to celebrate than with an outdoor wedding on the lake! This weekend we are headed to an oh so special Green Paper Company someone's wedding - our very own Joan! We can't wait to hit the road and get our dancing shoes on. All the details next week - and you can bet there will be tons to tell! Cheers!!

Image via Rearview/Gapers Block


A Mid-Century Modern Kind of Love

Yesterdays post focused on the nostalgic perspective of remodeling homes from the 40s through the 70s. And now for a far more modern approach...visit Mid-Century Modernist, a powerhouse of a site with some stunning pix, projects, decor, design and loads of inspiration...

Ana Weiss via midcenturymodernist.com

All photos via midcenturymodern.com


Retro Renovations

O.K. all you mid-century retro loving home bodies - we recently came across a website you are going to L-O-V-E with a capital heart!! Retro Renovation is an incredible resource for any nostalgic purist remodeling or admiring the post war style home. Covering the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's the site is chock full of ideas, inspiration, sources and how to's for every room of the house.

What better way to nurture the concept of re-use than by restoring a vintage home? The site also offers reference points for helping to safely remove toxic substances (did someone say lead?) in these domestic gems that were built long before the EPA moved in next door!

So if re-edging your counter tops in stainless steel trim, concrete block patterns and avocado green appliances make you swoon click on over to the Home-Sweet-Home section, roll up your sleeves and start your retro reno!

All photos via retrorenovation.com


Laundry List

It seems the the glamorous world of laundry could be the next slow revolution. As we all look for ways to decrease energy consumption, clotheslines are steadily returning. However, this return to one of the original forms of solar power is being hampered in some places. Some local municipalities and many homeowners associations prohibit the use of outdoor clotheslines citing aesthetic and property value concerns. Wow.

In response, some state governments are getting involved in the 'Right to Dry' movement. Two groups in particular; Right to Dry and Project Laundry List are making great strides in getting the word out to local communities that clotheslines and alternatives to conventional dryers could be a big positive push in climate change.

Whether you are in an apartment or on a sprawling farm (lucky you!), you can make a clothesline and start saving energy today! Grab some twine and clothespins, and you are good to go. Some great online shops we found offer starter kits and indoor folding racks - check out The Vermont Country Store and The Clothesline Shop for some fun finds and get drying - it's especially easy in the summer!


Green Effect Contest WInners

A few weeks ago we told you about the National Geographic Green Effect contest. The five winners have been announced and they have some really great ideas for greening their own communities. With $20,000 in pocket each winner will be funded to start and implement their Earth-saving idea. Take a look at the winning concepts and brainstorm your own green effect for your community.


Blushing Magnolia

Light, airy and just slightly sweet. It must be Friday, or the longer than usual wedding season this year. Either way, we are in love with Magnolia.

Stay tuned next week for a post about the process in which we make our 100% post-consumer Magnolia text and cover papers!

Images top to bottom: Joy Thigpen Environments, Magnolia Tree, Green Paper Company 100% pcw Magnolia Bird Imprintable, Cupcake inspiration from Simple+Pretty.


Gift Bags made from Envelopes!

Really! We couldn't believe it either, and were SO excited when we found a great post from the always fantastic DIY stylings of How About Orange. Another super-talented Chicagoan, Jessica Jones has created a blog is chock full of great projects and even has a line textile designs.

Naturally, we had to try these 'baglets' (also known as gift bags made from envelopes) - especially using our printed envelope collection! So great for favors and small gifts!!!

Left to right: 100% pcw Green Paper Company printed envelopes; Goldenseal Floral, Jackpine Bird on Branch, Ash Medallion, Chestnut Solid envelope. All transformed into gift bags!

To try this surprisingly easy project, visit How About Orange, or see the step by step below (via How About Orange).


Type Lovers Wish List

We love type too. We admittedly laugh heartily at jokes about comic sans. We recognize and can name the font of most companies logos. Simply, we are serious typophiles. Fortunately, there is a wealth of fun stuff dedicated to the obsession that is type. Enjoy.

We just couldn't resist adding a few shots of the type confections below from StĆ¼ttgart-based company Typo­lade. You can even com­pose custom one-​liners, two-​liners and longer mes­sages with the letters made from chocolate. Heavenly.

Images & Where to buy (top to bottom): kern t-shirt: Workerman, uppercase scarf: Veer, mug: by Veer for the film Helvetica by Gary Hustwit, bamboo coasters: Supermarket, type chocolate: Typolade


How it's Made

With such good produce available in the summer, we really want enjoy it at every meal. For us, and any cash conscious individual (that's pretty much everyone, right?), that means packing up our lovely lunches of berries and greens, and attempting to get them to work all in one piece. While we try to use mostly glassware and rinse when done, sometimes a portable unbreakable container is necessary - especially in the summer.

As luck would have it - we came across the recycled plastic products of Preserve. Made in the USA, the entire product line is made of collected plastics that are recycled back into home, body and kitchen products that Preserve offers.

The products are made with #5 polypropylene plastic collected from individuals via the Gimme 5 program and from companies like Stonyfield Farm.

The Gimme 5 program was really the thing that caught our attention in the first place. Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in most communities. By recycling #5 plastic through the Gimme 5 program, Preserve is working to save plastic from being sent to landfills and keeping the plastic local by recycling it here in the USA.

Visit Preserve's website to find out where you can bring your #5 plastics to be recycled - and to find their products in your area - just in time for those summer picnics!

Images via Preserve


Orange Beautiful & The Scoop

We first met the folks behind Orange Beautiful at our launch party during the National Stationery Show last year. We instantly loved Emily's energy and her swoon worthy letterpress printed product. What's more was learning that the Orange Beautiful studios are right here in Chicago - she really won us over with a welcome note on our door the first week we moved in!

Her blog, The Scoop, featuring daily tidbits of fashion, paper, interiors, and general fabulosity is at the top of many a design lover's blogroll, and if you haven't checked it out yet - run, don't walk!

Being fellow Chicagoans and purveyors of paper - we among the group that were asked to come up with a list of favorite Chicago spots. The 'Chicago Picks' began last week and will continue through this week. Featured companies thus far include Orange Beautiful's own picks, as well as one of our fantastic retailers, Greer (whose gorgeous shop should not be missed), local designers & printers, and last but not least...yours truly, Green Paper Company...view our faves here!

Be sure to visit Orange Beautiful's website to check out the custom invitations, greeting cards, and original prints they offer. The design absolutely lovely, the printing is lush and the attention to detail cannot go unnoticed.

A big thanks to Emily at Orange Beautiful - for featuring our Chicago picks and being a great neighbor!

Images via Orange Beautiful and The Scoop


Not your Grandmother's damask!

Almost everyone has an ornate damask table cloth or set of napkins tucked away in a drawer-perfectly preserved for "special occasions". Damask is a self patterned woven fabric that has a positive/negative image that is reversible. It has been around for centuries with origins that date to China, about 300 BC. With very specific weaving criteria, it has long been a symbol of luxury, ceremony and elegance.

Damask takes on new life when translated on to paper- loosing it's reliance or iridescence and relying on the striking graphic quality for the intricate print. What we love so much about damask is it's incredible versatility- combine with color for bold statements, refine in monochromatic duos for elegance and splash it up with brights for a flirty, preppy look.

Our 100% PCW Damask imprintable, liner and envelope have been non-stop best sellers. Dress it up, dress it down, add color or keep it neutral- perfect for invites, menus, programs and even note cards.

We're thinking of adding a coordinating 4Bar Rsvp card... any thoughts???? And if you have any printed samples of work you've created using our damask collection- shoot us a jpg (email to: info@greenpapercompany.com) and we'll feature them here!

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