Old Crow

Feeling a bit Fall and a bit crow-ish today. Seeking the perfect image, I Googled "CROW", only to discover- (much to my surprise, go figure!) all of the following:

And finally on good ol' Etsy- exactly what I was after... Thanx
Spencer Butte Ink!

Ah! The perfect reminder- how carefully we must choose/use our words!


Country Living Fair 2010-REcycled Roundup

The Country Living Fair was all it promised to be: gi-normous crowds, a fantastic venue and despite a fair amount of country as usual, a lot of country creative. Plus, we were thrilled to see and uptrend and surprising amount of re-purposed product- you guessed it- country style. Below- a brief roundup of ther overall scene (sooo well done!) and a few stalls...

The Ohio Village is THE perfect place for this fair!

Below, Bloomsbury Loft recycles with a passionate finesse that is hard to beat... Chandeliers, fabric table clothes, pillows and all manner of re-purposed lovelies.

The Garden Patch from Smith's Grove Kentucky has become an annual highlight - their large booth features farm fresh and dried arrangements- locally grown and perfect to welcome Fall's splendor.

More fabric creativity- especially luv the vintage plaids

Platter pleasantries fabricated from glassware and plates

These gals from Kelly Lane hail from Ohio but have a bit of Texas kick- colorful cool clothing from a patchwork of fabrics.

One of several who blend bedspreads with draperies to create modern Scarlett O'Hara couture. A cool trend that began with baby and reached to upscale country luxe.

Here's hoping the Counrty Living Fair returns to Columbus in 2011 for another great run. You can watch a video here and if you missed it- check out the second round in Altanta in October!


Autumnal Equinox

From Mabon to moon cakes to moonshine- mystery and myth surround the Autumnal Equinox. For me, it simply signals the end of summer and the passage of one beautiful season to another. Apples ripen, grapes weigh heavy on the vine and leaves begin to sparkle as the sun lowers itself in to the early Autumn sky. Tonight's moon welcomes another season and bids summer a wistful adieu.

To learn more about The Equinox than you ever thought possible link here and embrace a vast array of Traditions and Customs here.

Image 1 via Google images: Ernestine Grindal / Qwickstep.com /fineartamerica.com
Image 2 via Photobucket / Mysticalmoon_2006


Crafty Green Finds for Home Sweet Home

The slightest Autumn chill rustles the air and thoughts immediately turn inward toward the home. Before you start to burrow, take a look at these crafty finds to squirrel away for those chilly days ahead.

This lawn sculpture from Going Green Art Designs easily moves inside to serve double duty.

Daylight savings... Message Board w/ Clock from Mary Kate McDevitt- how efficient!

Lucy Snow photograph- grab one of the fab low $ art pieces to adorn your space from Art Wall

Warm drinks? Cool cozies from Laura Bucci

4 seasons of recycled wood panel paintings by Dolan Geiman

At table: French tractor hoods from The Steel Fork

Maple Shade Kids coat hook - on fave site cosaverde.com

Vintage Needlepoint says it all!


Express Tolerance

Saturday 9.11.10 was an important day. A time to reflect within and consider our own expressions of tolerance.

If you are the bumper sticker kind and inclined to put it out there, here are a few picks of the bumper crop available in abundance...

And should the spirit move you to share some luv of your own, make your own bumper stickers here.



Good luck to all of our designer, printer, indie craftin' friends that are showing at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Must confess that we are feeling a bit misty that we are no longer in Chi-town and close to the scene.

The weekend should be fantastic- so enjoy + craft your hearts out! We'll be sending prosperous creative stitches, I mean wishes, your way.


Typographer's Glossary

New, from one of our fave type sites- Font Shop- is their TYPOGRAPHER'S GLOSSARY.

Check it out for every and everything you want to know about type anatomy and terminology. Perfect for all you type geeks out there! Aw c'mon- we KNOW you are out there!! ;)


New Moon/ New Year

New Moon yesterday... Did you make a wish?

The September New Moon also signifies the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.
L' Shana Tova! May it be sweet and peaceful for all.

Learn more about phases of the moon here and Rosh Hashanah here.


September is Ovarian Cancer Month

I tweeted yesterday with a link to support ovarian cancer research. I mentioned it this evening to a dear friend, who, I'm afraid, is all too well with the subject. As a ovarian cancer survivor she told me that September is Ovarian Cancer month and I think it well worth mentioning again---

Please visit this link and Seventh Generation will donate 1$ for each person who signs up. It's free to you, and Seventh Generation is a company Green Paper Company truly hearts. We applaud their generosity!

Learn more about ovarian cancer here. It is a blind disease, often with out symptoms, so we encourage all women to familiarize yourself with the basics.

Other September events in support of Ovarian Cancer research:

Alexandria/DC area: Rock, Paper, Cocktails
Atlanta: Overcome Ovarian Cancer 5K Walk
Georgetown/DC area: Georgetown Cupcakes (Mondays in Sept.)

Do you know of an event in your area? Please post a comment and let us know...

Compared with the slick, high profile Think Pink events planned for October and Breast Cancer awareness, we're surprised how little media play ovarian cancer receives. Let's make sure we align support against this incredibly devastating silent disease. Think Teal!


Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

Ohio and Midwest kids have been back in school for what seems like weeks but to all you east coasters- happy first day of school! Growing up in New Jersey (yes, N.J.!) but now a Midwest transplant, I will never get used to the fact that summer vacation ends mid August. Labor Day, for me, will always mark the beginning of a new season, new beginnings and a new year.

Now it back to biz as usual and a busy Fall awaits. All best for an inspired season!
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