Got Ikea? We all have a Billy bookcase or Lack table hanging around.

There's no doubt about it- Ikea packs a bang for the buck! But let's face it- surface finishes are not their forte. Getting tired of white? Or black? Pay a visit to MYKEA, an ingenious site dedicated to the fine art of embellishing Ikea goods.

Elaborate vinyl transfers are size specific to key item Ikea pieces. Simply adhere and voila- a little art goes a looooong way.

While at first glance, this might not be the greenest of products (vinyl manufactured by Avery Dennison) - but we can make a serious argument that it prolongs the life of what is often referred to as "disposable" furniture. Not only that, it gives designers another platform to license their work and all around breathes new life into old product.

So before you put that bookcase out in a garage sale... Give your studio, bedroom, trade show booth, store fixtures, office, kitchen, living room a lift - your Ikea just got a bold burst of color!

All images via thisismykea.com


Fall Fashion on Ecouterre

After discovering ECOUTERRE, a serious eco fashion site, we got caught up watching video after video of the new collections recently previewed in NY at the Designers & Agents Show, and, during Fashion Week.

We love that eco fashion is transcending to an atelier and couture level. The line is blurring and even designs that remain true to their indigenous ethnic roots are reaching new heights of sophistication.

From lady like silhouettes and detail to casual comfort designs are as diverse as the inspirations they draw from. Take a look...

From the Green Room at Designers & Agents

Lady-like granola glam- love the collar, which is detachable.

Easy organic comfort from Anja

100% Recycled bag from Ecoalf

Indigenous pattern handwoven bag by Wayuu Taya

On a high fashion note- Edun at Fall Fashion Week in NY
Bono and wife Ali Hewson continue to amaze...

And more couture: The Future of Fashion from The GreenShows

Fashion, by design, is controversial as it represents conspicuous consumption and waste. It's great to see more focus and legitimate balance- many of these pieces re-use and have implemented augmented sustainable practices. Young companies positioning themselves to generate fundamental changes in the fashion industry are gaining ground, focus and ultimately just may achieve a shift in what now still seems an oxymoron- sustainable fashion.

All images and video links via ECOUTERRE- if you're a fashionista and haven't visited this site- it's a must!!


USDA Cooks Up New Nutrtition Icon

Farewell, food pyramid! The USDA revealed it's hot new icon that will dish out a quick bite of nutritional advice to the consumer.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled a replacement to the much-maligned food pyramid this morning, trashing the rainbow-striped triangle with a staircase edge to serve up a simple circle design that evokes a dinner plate. This good taste graphic is sure to be an improvement over the 1990's design debacle that was too complex for the average parent/teacher, let alone child/student. You can read more here, at the USDA website.

Here's hoping for happy meals that are healthier, greener, and tasty! Bon Apetit!
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