Blog Brief

It's been awhile- Dec. 31 to be precise! One of my New Year's resolutions was to blog less, say more.
So, unless something really strikes a chord and inspires, we're reducing and downsizing our posts. ;)
I see this as a really great thing- a fundamental shift that has happened for so many = we are so much more educated about green lifestyle and green initiatives than we were when we started nearly 5 years ago.  There simply is not as much that needs to be said. 

That said... here are some beautiful, inspired artistic paper creations from four artists that I came across today. I found them on the many incredible artist links on these two fantastic blogs: Upon A Fold and Discover Paper.  Enjoy!

Australian paper sculptor Anna-Wili Highfield 
creates amzingly realistic, highly detailed bird sculptures from paper

British/Italian artist Chris Gilmour
turns every day objects in to objets d'art- created with corrugated board
 Above photos via chrisgilmour.com

Japanese artist Kako Ueda creates organic creatures intricately cut in paper

 Above photos via kakoueda.com

Wonderful whimsy in hand made paper from French artistes 

Above photos via papieraetres.com 

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