Clinton Climate Initiative

The former President is hard at work promoting awareness about climate change...


The Clinton Foundation is immersed in combating climate change- deforestation, solar energy, waste management, quantifying energy usage, urban redesign of lighting, and the list goes on.

"The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) is working with government partners including Indonesia, Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Guyana to develop projects that enable local communities to be compensated for preserving and regrowing forests. Tropical deforestation represents around 15 percent of global carbon emissions – more than all the world’s cars, trucks buses, trains, and airplanes put together. Many countries cut down forests, or will be compelled to do so in the future, due to the economic benefits of activities such as logging and agriculture."

"Each year more than 13 million hectares of tropical forests are lost. Destroying forests not only releases carbon into the atmosphere through burning and decomposition, but also removes their ability to serve as "carbon sinks" –– natural reservoirs of carbon. We need forests to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Forests help regulate the Earth’s water cycle, sustain a great diversity of plant and animal species, and directly support more than 750 million people."

The Clinton Foundation is raising awareness to make it more profitable for countries to preserve forests than to cut them down, create robust systems to measure the carbon content of forests, and actively involve local communities in the preservation of their forests."

With a special action plan in place for Earth Day- make a visit to the website to learn more. See what they have already accomplished, and while there, you can test your own knowledge about climate change by taking the climate change QUIZ.

Thank you Mr. President!

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More Magnolia Luv

More LUV for one of our fave Spring colors- our exclusive, proprietary, made just for us, and did I mention... 100% PCW - Magnolia

Available in all solid collection sizes, including Square and A6 - not to mention an array of prints to mix and match. See the collection on our website...

All photos © Green Paper Company


Monday Magnoila Luv

Happy! Glorious Spring Monday!!

Photo via Susannah Conway @ susannahconway.com


Happy Earth- Happy Day!

Luv, honour and cherish, not only today!

Take a moment today to comment and tell us the earth/positive changes you have made in your life in the last two years --- it's all about small change=big change. Inspire us with your accomplishments...

Image by ArtandPhilanthopy @ Etsy


40 Tips 4 40th Earthday (and everyday)

40 Tips for 40th Earth Day - great, not to be missed ideas from Earth911.org

Two personal faves: #14 Candy and #20 Pizza Boxes. Hmmm... both (junk) food related-- what's that tell ya?!


Etsy Earth

Etsy's havin' a contest-- cast your vote to nominate your fave Etsy item for Earth Day. Vote for the item that inspires you to conserve energy, plant a tree and live sustainably — not only this Earth Day, but every day.

Be sure to check out Etsy's newest: EcoEtsy

And for Earth Day...





The Story of Stuff

The first of several Earth Week eco-centric posts...

Ever wonder where all the stuff we buy comes from? Check out Annie Leonard's video- The Story of Bottled Water, for starters.

She's also written a book The Story of Stuff, and created a number of animated videos that challenge our chronic need for consumption. So dive in to your week and prepare for Earth Day by watching these videos, with or without your kids!


4+22=40 Earth day celebrates 40 years!

Earth Day 2010- the 40th anniversary of Earth Day is just around the corner. Here's a brief list of easy clicks to help you plan your day and to celebrate all things earth conscious.

Feel free to add to the list by posting a comment with your event or Earth Day links...

History of Earth Day
A Billion Acts of Green
Gaylord Nelson
Find local events here
Clinton Foundation events: Chicago, NY, Houston and Little Rock
Global Days of Service
Activist Phone Book Contact List
Teacher activities for kids
Arts for the Earth

Drawing: A Billion Acts of Green


Hot Flash

Ever stumble upon a website with a home page so fully loaded with flash animation that it just makes you stop, pause and smell the virtual roses? Came across a few recently and thought we'd share. Be sure to follow the links for a fun mini vaca to web wonderland!

Reform School Rules: A great retail site of all things papery and wonderful. The front page is infused with doodles and delights that overflow with personality and beckon you inside. Take a peek here.

Brandsmack is a digital alley for Oliver and Russel (see below). This page has a good bit more edge and a strong masculine hand. As you move your mouse pop up flash abounds and be sure to click often for unexpected surprises- a construction cone eating owl, for example. Named one of the Top 10 Sites for Designers by HOW magazine.

Brandsmack is a division of Oliver Russell and this parent site is playful and fun while remaining connected to a very result oriented vision. The company offers socially conscious grants and overflows with creativity.
Our fave: ALSO web design - a witty, retro cool, just makes you keep smiling site. Stay, play and check out every nook and cranny of this site... so fun! These guys and gals designed Reform School- and the talent thread is just plain web luv!
Images via: Reform School, Oliver Russell and Also.



A great take on sending a card - Postcarden - designed and produced by London based A Studio for Design. Fab idea!! Visit the site to buy, stock and watch the how to vid... and post a bit of Spring!

Images vis postcarden.com


Magnolia + Ash = Summer Love

Great inspiration boards at Syle Me Pretty - a magnificent and dreamy use of Magnolia and Ash!

Especially like the use of cut paper as decor- wouldn't hand cut place mats be beautiful made with Ash cover? And both Ash and Magnolia are perfectly green and 100% post-consumer recycled.

What a great country elegance combo- Xo - luv it!

All image boards via Style Me Pretty


Eco Gorgeous Gowns - Adele Wechsler

Looking for some of the greenest white gowns 'n town? Look no further than Adele Wechsler.
This South African designer combines the softest organic hemp and sumptuous hand-died silks with fair trade labor practices to create individually hand cut designs.

As a pioneer in eco-bridal couture, her gowns reflect a guiding principal, the African philosophy of Ubuntu- no man is an island, each endeavor a collaboration and each decision an effect on community.

We recently had the good fortune to preview some of these enchanting lovelies at a Trunk Show at the fabulous Big Rock Little Rooster in Columbus, Ohio.

Swoon with a capital S- these gowns make any married Lass want to be a bride all over again!

Photos: Adelewechsler.com, bigrocklittlerooster.com


Starbucks - Hot Coffee Card

A great new way to get your morning coffee fix, protect forests and fight climate change! Purchase the new PRESERVATION gift card from Starbucks® and with each purchase Starbucks will donate 5 cents to Conservation International to help save tropical forests. The gift card is re-loadable, recyclable and made of 80% post-industrial recycled material.

Almost 16% of the world's carbon emissions comes from clearing forests in the areas where some of the best coffee is grown. This initiative will help coffee farmers protect the carbon absorbing tropical forests surrounding their farms.

Conservation International applies innovations in science, economics, policy and community participation to protect the Earth's richest regions of plant and animal diversity in the biodiversity hotspots, wilderness areas and key marine ecosystems. For more info visit: conservation.org.

Read more about the collaboration between Strbks and CI here, and for more about conservation and coffee here.


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