To Dye For Easter Eggs, Naturally!

Whomever said don't put all your eggs in one basket had obviously not seen this month's Country Living Magazine which featured truly amazing Easter eggs by Sonia Bauer.

To start off, these eggs are not your grandmother's Easter palette- soft neutrals add a seldom seen Easter elegance that are the perfect counterpoint to jellybean pastelles.

Best of all, these eggs are dyed with all natural vegetable dyes brewed up stove top in the kitchen.

The Country Living cover was inspired by a post last Easter by Sonia Bauer on her blog Big Sis Lil Sis - it has incredible how to's with great photos incorporating ferns and flowers turning them into templates and treasures.

With Easter just around the corner, hop on over to these sites and with a bit of prep work your Easter baskets will brim with handcrafted lovelies!

Be sure to read the articles here:

Sonia Bauer's Recipe for All-Natural Egg Dyes in Country Living

Sonia Bauer's article about her cover story

BIGSISLILSIS.COM 2010 ARTICLE {Detailed How To's and Recipes}

Photos: bigsislilsis.com
Country Living cover photo: countryliving.com


Cherry Blossoms

Bill was in Washington last week shot these beautiful pix. It may be snowing one day and summery the next but somehow Mother Nature never let's us down. Right on schedule the cherry blossoms burst forth and reassure us that Spring really is just around the corner...

Photos: William Menke
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