A bit of eye candy for those of us who missed the John Baldessari show that just closed at the Met in NY this past Sunday...

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Amish Homage

Just finished reading a book about the Amish and am inspired, particularly in light of the recent news from Arizona, by their peaceful ways and strong conviction to lead a simple "plain" life.

Central Ohio is home to the country's largest base of Amish and despite the pressures of commercialization- their communities thrive. Read more about the Amish here.

Their commitment to simplicity is ironic, considering our ever growing quest to lead a greener lifestyle. And the fact that SO much information and SO many photos are available on line is truly ironic as their very lifestyle represents the antithesis of both (and photography is forbidden).

Consider this an Amish homage- a gentle reminder of a gentle people from whom, we have much to learn.

Photos: amishcountry.com, walnutcreekohio.org and google images


Welcoming the New Year with Oprah

Happy New Year to all!!! How did you spend your holiday week?? WE were BUSY! We moved to our new and improved warehouse, which went amazingly well! Thanks to Bill's organized planning - we finished ahead of schedule - thus affording us all a few days off.

So when New Year's Day rolled around- I rolled out of bed to enjoy the day at home, in my PJs, to usher in the new year relaxing. Those who know me, know I am a huge Oprah fan. I spent New Year's Day, not only welcoming the new year, but as a couch potato glued to the TV, welcoming the new Oprah Winfrey Network - OWN.

Despite that after several hours (yes really!), it began to run as one giant self promotional infomercial- I enthusiastically await the round the clock programming which promises to offer inspiration from wise people about wise subjects- most focused on the greater good and a spirit of sharing.

Join the Oprah fest and start the new year by taking this fun and surprisingly insightful quiz: Who Are You Meant to Be?

Happy 2011 - may you "live your best life" and may it be your best year yet!!

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