"All the News That's Fit To Print"

Photo: The New York Times

This past Sunday the New York Times created "The Green Issue" and devoted the entire magazine section to "The Green Mind". If you haven't already seen it, excerpts are available on The New York Times website.

The New York Times went digital some time ago and the entire paper is available online, everyday. While it's incredibly hard for us paper people to give up our paper...we adore the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee, the paper and a slow morning...you may want to try their 7 day trial digital membership. Consider joining the Times, or your local newspaper online and start by giving up at least one hard copy of the Sunday paper once a month. A guaranteed green compromise that still promises to deliver "All the news that's fit to print"!

And just for fun... a video- Brain Dance chronicles the photo session for the very cool cover which uses dancers from Momix to create the imagery.

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