Paint it Green

Photo: Dwell Magazine

There have been some great articles lately about eco-friendly paint. Dwell magazine recently performed a fairly elaborate test for the numerous eco-paints currently available. So if you are planning any "greenovations" changing the color of your surroundings can provide a quick lift and add a fresh look to any space.

If you are going to paint- be sure to use
products with NO VOC's. Here's why:
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released from paint as a gas and are a major contributor to poor indoor air quality.

  • VOCs contribute to urban smog.

  • High pollutant levels stay in the air long after the task (ie. painting) is completed.

  • VOCs can cause eye irritation, respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory impairment.

  • Read more about the hazards of VOCs at the EPA website.
When Green Paper Company moved into our warehouse space this past June- we did a bit of painting ourselves. Let's just say that the dark grey walls complete with an even darker wide stripe around the perimeter of the room was not conducive to green enterprise. Despite our fabulous windows and natural sunlight- the space needed to be brightened up. A lot.

We chose Home Depot's Freshaire Choice. We found great colors (all with very cool nature and zen inspired names), and, in addition to the product, the packaging and entire marketing package is eco-conscious as well. The quality of the paint provided excellent coverage and rich saturated color.

So if "Still Moment" and "Afternoon Shade" are on your palette - roll up your sleeves and paint it green!

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