Pardon the rant but it's something to consider...

Photo and cards: La Familia Green

We have two big time pet peeves, industry faux pas, marketing malapropisms- call them what you will. And at the risk of being snarky- here they are:

#1: Misspelling of the word stationery
#2: Sending eco-conscious promotional mailers on non-eco-friendly paper

It's an exciting time of year for our industry with The National Stationery Show and The Supply Side Show, both in NY this past week. The promo mail is flooding in and some (lots!) look great. But it never ceases amaze me that anyone attending the stationery show sends a mailer saying StationAry show. But they do (lots!).

We recently received several pre-show promo mailers for eco-friendly envelopes and product. Nice mailers, pretty images, BUT, they were printed on the highest gloss, UV coated, cardstock available. NOT eco-friendly!

So the point is this:

When we get back from the show there will be much to tell, much to promote and much to look forward to. Let's make sure when we tell the world about it, we tell them in a way that makes sense. In other words- spelling counts and so does the craftsmanship!

Here's hoping we don't have too many typos in our next blog posts!!!


inkSpotts Stationery said...

Thank you!!! I couldn't agree more!!

carina said...

One of my major peeves too! Did you grab one of La Famila's 'Stationary' (with exercise bike image) buttons at the NSS? I think that was one of my favorite giveaways!

Green Paper Co. said...

As a matter of fact I did! It's very proudly displayed on my new Hable Construction bag looking fabulously grammatically correct.

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