The real "Twitter-er"

Images: AllAboutBirds.org, nestwatch.org

Birds twitter. For real! It's the pseudo-technical term for communication speak amongst birds. And...the namesake for that oh so popular website we all know- Twitter.

As migration ends and breeding season peaks- birds abound. Be sure to make a visit to All About Birds a fantastic website that let's you search specific species and hear their bird calls (and twittering!)

They also have a great program to help you set up bird nesting boxes in your own back yard and you can join Nest Watch to track birds in your area. Should you be lucky enough to have a nest nearby already- enjoy watching Mother Nature at work as nestlings tweet in hopes of being served the perfect worm. (Perhaps they should check the composting bin!) ;) If you do find a baby bird that may have flown the coop a bit early- always best to leave it alone- these mama birds are more clever than we think and well equipped to handle this type of empty nest syndrome.

If it's a beautiful Spring day- try to steal a few minutes out of your busy schedule- grab your field guide and binoculars, run to the park and do a little bird watching of your own. Beats twittering any day!

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