Tracey Bush

Received a gallery show announcement from Jaggedart- a fabulous London gallery. The title of their Spring show is inspiring in and of itself:

without my journey and
without the spring
I would have missed this dawn

Paintings, photographs, works on paper, and 3dimensional pieces that celebrate new life

One of the artists featured is Tracey Bush and her very beautiful, carefully crafted sculptures that take form in the vein of botanical and entomological studies. Fabricated with paper, her cut outs are made from her old scrapbooks, recycled scraps from the London streets and years of collecting ephemera that she could not bear to part with. Reborn in to new life they have emerged in the form of flora and fauna- delicately assembled layered papers sewn together with a bookbinders pamphlet stitch. Here's what curator Andrea Harari says about the work:

"Old letters and envelopes, stamps, maps or musical scores give shape to Tracey Bush’s butterflies. Butterflies are amongst the first indicators of environmental change; these paper ones caged in museum boxes remind us of their frailty and diversity. Each butterfly is an actual species and is life size and each is made with an allusion to its name or habitat. Bush’s beautiful butterfly boxes not only aim to support the species but are a reflection of our consumer culture."

Her work delves deeply in to the relationship of plants, the interplay of weeds versus botanical legitimacy and the interplay of brand awareness vs. our own awareness of nature. You can read the complete artist bio on the Jaggedart gallery site.

Artwork by Tracey Bush via jaggedart.com

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