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I learned about thebreastcancersite.com from my sister-in-law after she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. I quickly bookmarked this site on my Menu Bar and as a reminder to visit the site daily and to click daily.

Numerous sponsors fund the giving and it it free to the "clicker". The site then donates free mammograms to women in need. Each time someone clicks the "Click to Give" button the sponsor makes a donation and 100% of the sponsored donation goes to the charity. The sponsors require a specific number of clicks per day to continue their support so PLEASE- bookmark this site and try to remember to click once a day.

Additionally, a great things about this site is that it links to numerous other sites that work in the same way- so it's one stop clicking- just run through the tabs- click on each and in one day your click will fund a donation to benefit: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest and Animal Rescue causes.

Needless to say- the sites are great resources for information and like minded shopping sites so please be sure to click on those as well!

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Anonymous said...

Hunger site is a great site and doing many good work more than 10 years. People should click Hungersite and sites like that such as ripple.org and cleanbreath.org everyday. It just takes few seconds to do something good for less fortunate

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