Color of Love

We knew about the cool new king and queen stamp, but after getting a wedding invitation in the mail this past week - we were really smitten. What struck us most was the color palette - really unusual and incredibly versatile. To our enjoyment, the invitation we received used our stock and incorporated the stamp colors seamlessly - cottonwood, goldenseal, ash, jackpine, wind and cloud as a little accent. Lovely!

What we didn't know was all the excitement surrounding the release of this stamp! It seems everyone has been desperately looking for postage for a wedding that's not pink, and understandably so. This brings us to Paper Crave and Erin Vale Design - two designers and bloggers who were inspired to whip up some patterned prints inspired by the love stamps!

You can download Paper Crave's freebie designs for use in wrapping gifts, lining envelopes and countless other diy projects.

Download Erin's imprintables for use in your own invites! We paired the note with our 100% pcw goldenseal envelope. Royally perfect!

Images via USPS, Paper Crave, Vale Design

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Ashley Brooke Inzer said...

very cool. I just purchased these stamps about 30 minutes ago and wondered if anyone else appreciated the design as much as i did.

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