Inspiring NY Times Op Ed

On May 24th I read a very touching NY Times Op Ed article by Melissa Seligman about letter writing and it's incredible impact on the author's marriage, life and the life of her children.

Interestingly, the next day- Treehugger featured top eco-conscious picks from the National Stationery Show (see our 5/28 post) and Green Paper Company was one of them. The first comments posted on Treehugger about the article expressed concern about why people need to use paper at all. I so appreciate these comments- it is sentiment I often think about and in part, what lead me to start Green Paper Company.

What many people under estimate is the incredible nurturing and almost spiritual power of paper. The written word in combination with the tactile experience is truly like none other. I know it is hard for "non-paper people" to understand this. I know for a "paperholic", such as my self, it is simply a given. I found Ms. Seligman's story about how letter writing incredibly inspiring. It helped me articulate how to respond to these comments and made me proud of the work I am doing. It gives me a renewed mission why using and re-using post-consumer recycled paper is not only critical to the environment, but critical to nurturing our souls as well. Yes- I am a paper person, but hopefully a responsible one as well.

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