Light My Fire!

We were so jazzed by the fireplace product shot from our recent Design Milk post that I had to take a closer look. These fire statements from Planika Fires are more than cool - they are relatively green in concept. And with a trend toward outdoor lounge seating, some are perfectly suited to chill out on a summer evening...think camp fire a la The Delano, or fire pit a la Renzo Piano.

Planika Fires designs tables and "fire solutions" that are high in style and minimal in effort. Unlike wood or natural gas, the intensely colored dancing flame is created using a proprietary liquid called Fanola, an ethanol based product. It's sort of a Strno" concept but Tte biofuel fire is free of smoke or smell. According to Planika," the formula has received a positive rating from the Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene. Fanola is a biologically clean product of plant origin, and constitutes a wholly renewable source of energy. When the fire is in use, it emits no smoke or fumes, only water vapor and CO2 are emitted.

These fabulous fireplace setups range from about $600 up to 3000. Some great sources are sophiesfurnishings.com, livingcomforts.com and heaterstore.com.

Photo #1 via ballerhouse.com, all others via Planikafires.com

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