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Al Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection are partnering with Dot Eco LLC, a group of environmental-activists and eco-minded companies, to apply for the .eco domain on the web. The domain will be used for companies, organizations or websites promoting environmental causes and a majority of the profits from the sale of those domain names will go to environmental philanthropies.

The Dot Eco group includes director Davis Guggenheim who worked on "An Inconvenient Truth" with Gore, the Surfrider Foundation, Sierra Club, actor Roger Moore, author Richard Muller who sits on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Jim Dufour of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The group was formed to secure and operate the .eco domain.

Click the image below for a short info video here...
The Alliance for Climate Protection hopes that the new domain will be a new source of fundraising and way of creating awareness for environmental issues. It's a relatively new venture, but a very urgent issue - so be sure to check out the Support Dot Eco site to find out more and show your support!


Anonymous said...

Big Room Inc. also plans to apply for dot eco. You can learn more at http://www.doteco.info. The group has assembled an international team, including the President of the World Conservation Union, WWF International and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Interestingly, the staff of Dot Eco LLC are not actually environmental activists, as your article suggests.

See this video of Dot Eco LLC founder, Fred Krueger:


And this site: http://www.tldh.org/management/

Green Paper Co. said...

Thanks for your comment - We do realize that the Dot Eco group is comprised of activists, businesses, foundations and philanthropists.

Great to know about Big Room - We were already aware of them and the site.

Great video from Fred Krueger on the idea and main goal.

However the domaine of .eco comes about, we look forward to it and the end result of raising awareness can be nothing but positive.

Anonymous said...

Actually the company is only composed of web entrepreneurs who do not have environmental experience and are advised by a few US based green groups and individuals. There seems to be interest in everything from dot eco to dot basketball.

I worry this is akin to having an airplane flown by a truck-driver. Some may not think that's an issue if the truck-driver is advised by pilots. Other pilots, and indeed the passengers, may have some concerns.

I agree that awareness raising is positive, but do have some concerns about how the plane is flown.

Green Paper Co. said...

Good point - I think we all need to be mindful of the integrity behind green imaging and marketing.

Thanks for your comments.

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