Laundry List

It seems the the glamorous world of laundry could be the next slow revolution. As we all look for ways to decrease energy consumption, clotheslines are steadily returning. However, this return to one of the original forms of solar power is being hampered in some places. Some local municipalities and many homeowners associations prohibit the use of outdoor clotheslines citing aesthetic and property value concerns. Wow.

In response, some state governments are getting involved in the 'Right to Dry' movement. Two groups in particular; Right to Dry and Project Laundry List are making great strides in getting the word out to local communities that clotheslines and alternatives to conventional dryers could be a big positive push in climate change.

Whether you are in an apartment or on a sprawling farm (lucky you!), you can make a clothesline and start saving energy today! Grab some twine and clothespins, and you are good to go. Some great online shops we found offer starter kits and indoor folding racks - check out The Vermont Country Store and The Clothesline Shop for some fun finds and get drying - it's especially easy in the summer!

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