Lightbulb idea: Terrariums!

With all the talk these days about CFLs, LEDs, and solar lumen it's nice to see a light bulb go off with a really creative idea! Etsy artist Tim Witteveen of Steamed Glass Studio takes inspiration from his profound love of nature and creates miniature terrariums inside traditional incandescent light bulbs.

They remind us of a of a message in a bottle concept these small pieces of art give new life to an otherwise disposable item. Inside a tiny world awaits; moss, lichen, river stones create a tiered landscape.

On some pieces, the artist combines organic "stained glass" paintings on the exterior to add depth and color to the landscape within.

Witteveen, a graphic designer and illustrator, states in his profile: "I had come across many graphics that symbolized "green awareness" with a light bulb shape and a green leaf inside - this was my spark. After making my first one, the wire hanger stand came as a natural extension to support the "green" theme. A well designed terrarium will stir your imagination and could transport you into a daydream. Look very closely, and you may see yourself as a child exploring the landscape within."


The Fern and Mossery said...

Great post and Tim makes awesome terrariums!

ecojotter said...


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