Summer is Sweet

It is really, truly, finally summer! This year we decided to take the eating local challenge to the next level. We decided to plant an all edible garden. As with all good things - you must wait, and in this case - we have waited, waited, and then waited some more - in the Chicago cold no less. But finally, just these past few weeks we have been graced with potatoes, lettuce and a plethora of herbs. The waiting game is still on for the squash, carrots, cucumber, raspberries and beans - but we are patient and now we can wait in the warm summer air!

Planting the garden earlier this year inspired us so much - we decided to pay homage to the bounty of summer with our Market Fresh 100% pcw greenote collection! You can view the entire summer collection, including Market Fresh, by clicking here!

Being that it's the first year of our edible garden - we are still learning! To fill in, it's such a pleasure to visit the various (outstanding!) local farmer's markets around Chicago. We make it a point to meet the farmers and learn about the organic and sustainable practices they employ. It's such an incredible feeling to go home and prepare all the goodies knowing where they came from and who has grown (or raised) them - all for the same, or less cost of the products found at mass supermarkets.

To locate the farmers markets in your neighborhood, be sure to visit Local Harvest - a great site dedicated to community supported agriculture.

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