Blended Oils

My guess is that if you're anything like us, words like herbology, apothecary and tincture really capture your fancy! I recently spent more time than I dared in a exotically captivating shop that specializes in just that- Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary in Boulder. I was irresistably drawn to the textures, colors and fragrances with a mysterious desire to concoct potions, remedies and treatments- much in a way that I am drawn to making paper. A little of this, a dash of that all mixed together and voila - immediate gratification - a therapeutic blended oil, a healing salve, a muddy scrub.

So after leaving the shop empty handed I returned the next day to buy dozens of little (and I mean CUTE little) amber bottles, 5 essential oil blends, droppers, books and all the bits and pieces to create aromatherapy blended oils to sell in my own shop. My PAPER shop!

BUT- if my hunch is correct- the same people who LOVE paper- also love oils and herb-y scents with aromatic healing properties. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!!
In the interim- herbs are SERIOUS business and truthfully, best left to the experts. Check out this site for some great info and a listing of individual herbs and their medicinal properties. And of course, Rebecca's... her apothecary is a wonderland and be sure to read her online newsletters, most of which include some really easy to make herbal recipes.

Photos via: rebeccasherbs.com, aromaworkshop.com, amazon.com, Green Paper Company

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