More Rain for the Reservoirs

Been three days and it has NOT stopped raining! So much for a lovely Autumnal getaway!!!

But lovely in it's own right- the rain in Chautauqua County where I was this past weekend, averages 47 inches a years versus the national average of 37. And while that may not seem like a huge spread, that's in addition to the 107 average snowfall compared with the average city's 25 inches. 300 inches of snowfall is not only usual, it is a way of life.

So precipitation is the name of the game- and while not great news for tourists- it's great news for reservoirs! Tempting as it may seem- an ironic and great reminder to continue to look for water saving tips and slow the flow at home...even though outside it feels as if you may be about to board Noah's Arc!

Map photo: rainfall.com, drawing via nyc.gov

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