Cozy up to Halloween

After all the pumpkins have been carved, and the candy has been given out - what to do on a rainy (or snowy this year!) Halloween weekend? Scary movies, of course!

In the age of Netflix, Redbox and general instant gratification we don't have to run to the movie store to get whatever is left - like it or not, we have the pick of the litter at our fingertips. So it's lucky that we came across an invaluable and timely list on one of our favorite blogs - the Daily Beast.

Always pushing the envelope, the folks at the Beast asked the one and only Martin Scorsese to list his 10 (he chose 11) top favorite scariest movies of all time. Find the list, that includes some true surprises, by clicking here.

Cuddle up and enjoy a poison apple! Happy Haunting!

Images Martha Stewart (1, 4), Wiley Valentine Bad Girl Birthday Card

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