Mega Brands Implement Paper Policies

What do these mega brands have in common?
Their paper footprints just got a little lighter...

The Rainforest Action Network recently announced a commitment from H&M, The Gucci Group, Tiffany & Co. and Staples to examine their paper supply chains and eliminate all "rainforest" paper products- paper produced from endangered forests. Their decision to stop purchasing paper from companies that are widely known for actively destroying forests in Indonesia and elsewhere is a major step. Worldwide, the destruction of tropical rainforests accounts for twenty percent of the worlds annual greenhouse emissions... with Indonesia alone, accounting for eight percent.

Last Tuesday, The Gucci Group announced it's decision to implement an aggressive environmental paper policy as part of an environmental action plan the company is enforcing to help curtail climate change. This decision is a huge stride in leading the fashion industry to purchase responsibly harvested and recycled paper. According to The Paper Planet - " With its new policy, the Gucci Group has pledged to reduce the amount of paper it uses, eliminate fiber from high conservation value forests, and only to purchase recycled products or those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council by December 2010. With this policy, they are ensuring that all paper categories used by the group, from copy paper to shopping bags, do not come from endangered forests like those in Indonesia."

Great news for fashionistas worldwide, and, it looks like that little blue box just got a little greener!

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