Pumpkin Pie Madness

"Libby's Warns of a Canned Pumpkin Shortage" read the headline of a recent article in the NY Times - stirring the pot for Thanksgiving bakers nationwide. Nestle, which produces the nations most popular brand of canned pumpkin, cited heavy rains in the Midwest as the problem. Most commercially grown pumpkins come from the Midwest and Morton, Illinois is the "pumpkin capital of the world".

Meanwhile, the news out west is far better and organic farms in Oregon are picking up the slack. A great organic crop this year has lead to record breaking sales of canned organic pumpkin. Organic pumpkin typically accounts for only 3-4% of the canned pumpkin market so this year will surely be an exception.

Maybe this years bumper organic crop will be next years new Thanksgiving go to! And all the more reason to shop local- a great time to check out your local farm stand and start scoopin' out the seeds!

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