This Is It!

If you haven't seen the documentary about Michael Jackson's final rehearsal days for "This Is It"- you must. The film delivers an incredible tour de force message on so many levels- inspiration, life, love, art, artistry, hard work, fate, faith, devotion, dedication, and the list just goes on and on. Even if you are not a Michael fan - SEE THIS FILM!

The dance sequences are so amazing and the editing so extraordinary that it captures a pulse in what begins to feel like 3D film. (You can watch some clips here).

From pyro-techniques to aerial lifts, rap and razzle dazzle beyond compare- you are probably wondering by this point- why on earth are we writing about it on a green blog!?

The "IT" in "This Is It" also has a multi level message. A bit surprising, (as the show is all about excess), a loud and clear message is: It is time to think about the earth- what it means, how precious it is and that the time to save IT is now. There are two extensive scenes devoted to the earth... music videos onto themselves. And, while both are more than a bit over the top (it is Michael after all)- the message is strong.

The entire film really does inspire- to strive to be a better artist /performer /person. What a gift!

Images via: www.imdb.com, collider.com

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