DIY- Craftin' w/ Cork(s)

Looking for some quirky (pronounced cork-y) holiday DIY ideas? Here are two projects that are easy, impressive and a perfect way to showcase all that great wine you've consumed this year!! So grab a bottle of your favorite Merlot and craft away... Cheers!

- Wreath

1. Re-use styrofoam packing sheets or bubble wrap to create a circular wreath shaped form.
2. Insert toothpicks or large straight pins in to each cork.
3. Push corks into wreath form in a circular direction, overlapping as you go.

PROJECT 2 - Trivet

1. Arrange corks in a circle, 8" is a perfect size.
2. Band the corks together with a ruber band.
3. Secure corks with a metal strapping fastener (found in the plumbing department at the hardware store), be sure to cover the rubber band.


Tricia said...

The wreaths made great alternative "bulletin boards" too!

Carl said...

These are really good recycling ideas! The trivet would be very useful as well as the bulletin board as suggested by Tricia. I think that it is also a good idea that you decided to use metal strapping to secure the corks together for the trivet.

Carl Patten

Green Paper Co. said...

Thanks Carl- It is a cool project! I wonder if it will take on a whole new look now that so many "corks" are made of plastic/alternate substrates?

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