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Playing with Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage at the Art Institute of Chicago. We've always been fans of this medium for use and reuse of paper and can't wait to see some of it's origin...

The pre photoshop craze for photography dates way back... here's what the Institute says about the show:

"During the Victorian era, photography became remarkably popular and accessible, as people posed for studio portraits and exchanged these pictures on a vast scale. The makers of the collages shown here cut up these portraits and placed them in elaborate watercolor designs in albums. With their sharp wit, absurd senses of humor, and dramatic shifts of scale akin to those Alice experienced in Wonderland, these photocollages stand the rather serious conventions of photography in the 1860s and 1870s on their heads, debunking stuffy Victorian clich├ęs with surreal, subversive, and funny images.

Oftentimes, the combination of photographic portraits with painted settings inspired dreamlike and even bizarre results: placing human heads on animal bodies; situating people in imaginary landscapes; and morphing faces into common household objects. Such images reveal the educated minds as well as accomplished hands of their makers, as they take on new theories of evolution, the changing role of photography, and the strict boundaries of aristocratic society. Together they provide a fascinating window into the creative possibilities of photography in the Victorian era and enduring inspiration for photographic experimentation today."

Catch it in Chicago before January 3, 2010 or next when it moves to New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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