Shine On

We had our first snow here in Chicago this week. We knew it was coming but for some reason every year, we forget how beautiful it is until it comes - remembering for a minute what it might be like to be inside a snow globe.

Couldn't help but be inspired by the ethereal quality of the snowflakes - a bit like glitter...and you can't deny sparkle. Must be why our Silver Maple 30% pcw metallic stock (ahem, the only eco metallic stock out there) is so hot this season. Everyone is going for the bling! And we say, shine on!!

Photos, top to bottom: Erica Weiner Type Necklace, JCrew Belts, Amy Atlas Event Cake, J.Crew Chemise, Swallow ring via Lavish Giving, Toms Shoes, Winter Wedding Inspiration Board via Perfect Palette, Martha Stewart Wreath, J.Crew Mirror Clutch

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