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Our discovery of Fine & Raw chocolates at Indie Wed last weekend couldn't have come at a better time. With Valentine's day next week, and an insatiable chocolate craving (well, all the time), we were SO excited when we tasted the raw, coconut and agave sweetened morsels that Fine & Raw offers up.

The founders of Fine & Raw are committed to sustainability, and describe it as " a company that believes the future is beautiful. To help bring this thought to life we strive to be green and sustainable where ever possible. Our cacao is fair trade and comes from a small cacao farmers co-op that practices sustainable farming. Cacao is a shade grown plant requiring a foliage canopy to grow. Our cacao farmers maintain the rain forests which provide natural symbiotic canopies for the plant. The farmers also grow an heirloom variety of cacao, which promotes bio-diversity of plant species within the rain forest ecosystem. All our ingredients are organic, which means no unnecessary toxins, chemicals or pollutants are pumped into the environment. Our packaging is recycled and the inks we use are non-toxic and vegetable based. We want the planet to be strong so it can grow more chocolate. Yum yum!"

Most batches of Fine & Raw are made to order in their Brooklyn, NY kitchens, so if you think your sweetheart (or you!) will fall for these sweet treats this love-ly season, be sure to place your order soon.

Images via Fine & Raw

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