What to Grow Now

Urban Gardening Poster via Starshaped Press

With March right around the corner, and much talk of organic eating and gardening from the White House, our minds are turning to planning this years edible (and decorative) garden. There is a wealth of new seed companies and information out there, but it can be incredibly daunting to crack the surface of planning an entire garden - especially one that is tailored to your specific climate region. Luckily, we came across an invaluable tool from Mother Earth News, aptly named, What To Plant Now.

Whether you are unsure what seeds you could be starting right now, or which transplants need to be set outside this season, Mother Earth News offers online regional planting guides to take the guesswork out of garden planning.

Once you have planned what you will be growing and eating this harvest, head on over to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company for the finest source for non GMO seeds. Add to that, they are independently owned and family operated - so you can feel good about buying, growing and eating these happy seeds!

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