Written Word

We truly heart a holiday that celebrates love. And what better way to profess said love than through the written word. A simple sentiment, maybe a poem...nothing fancy, as long as it's heartfelt. Then again, it is Valentine's Day and we are paper people, so why not skip the box of chocolates and spring for calligraphy, because nothing says true love like seeing your sweet's name in script.

Mara Zepeda
of Neither Snow is a calligrapher that tugged at our heart strings the moment we saw their lovely flourishes and lingering serifs. Whimsical, organic and unfussy, Neither Snow believes that 'mail matters', and that receiving a note in the mail is exhilarating, a thoughtfully hand addressed one is especially meaningful. Cheers to that!

Neither Snow is making calligraphy accessible for everyday occasions (not just for weddings anymore) by offering services through Etsy in the form of vintage stamp packages. Visit their Etsy site as well as a complete portfolio at their own website.

Images via Neither Snow

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