Hot Flash

Ever stumble upon a website with a home page so fully loaded with flash animation that it just makes you stop, pause and smell the virtual roses? Came across a few recently and thought we'd share. Be sure to follow the links for a fun mini vaca to web wonderland!

Reform School Rules: A great retail site of all things papery and wonderful. The front page is infused with doodles and delights that overflow with personality and beckon you inside. Take a peek here.

Brandsmack is a digital alley for Oliver and Russel (see below). This page has a good bit more edge and a strong masculine hand. As you move your mouse pop up flash abounds and be sure to click often for unexpected surprises- a construction cone eating owl, for example. Named one of the Top 10 Sites for Designers by HOW magazine.

Brandsmack is a division of Oliver Russell and this parent site is playful and fun while remaining connected to a very result oriented vision. The company offers socially conscious grants and overflows with creativity.
Our fave: ALSO web design - a witty, retro cool, just makes you keep smiling site. Stay, play and check out every nook and cranny of this site... so fun! These guys and gals designed Reform School- and the talent thread is just plain web luv!
Images via: Reform School, Oliver Russell and Also.

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