A Love Letter For You Murals

Having spent lots of time in NY, Boston, LA and of course Chicago it's hard not to notice the raw talent and artistry behind grafiti.

Many cities have tried to harness this beauty in efforts that promote social change and random acts of artistry throughout a given city. The Mural Arts Program began in Philadelphia in 1984 as part of the city's Anti-Graffiti Network. What began as a small city agency has grown into the nation's largest mural program, a catalyst for positive social change.

The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has recently collaborated with artist Stephen Powers to create A Love Letter For You, a massive public art mural project consisting of a series of 50 rooftop murals. And what an amazing project it is!!

The murals, which are best viewed from the Market-Frankford elevated transit line, collectively express a love letter; from an artist to his hometown, from a man to a woman, and, from local residents to their West Phili neighborhood.

We love the bold colors and use of type throughout the project- not to mention the subject of love that is so close to our heart! Part poetry, part tongue in cheek, a little kitsch and a lot of romance... right up our alley!

Next time you're in Phili- hop over to the west side after visiting the Liberty Bell and take a ride to see this fab project in it's entirety. Till then, you can see a recap of the overall project here and read lots more about it, here.

All images via: aloveletterforyou.com

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