Screamin' 4 Ice Cream

I don't know about you but, for me, Memorial Day marks the official start date of ice cream season (of course, I've been known to devour a banana split on a blustery January evening as well!) ;) Although thought of as the great American desert, the history of ice cream dates as far back as the 4th century. Concocted in China, it made it's way to to Europe and served as a delicacy in French and Italian royal courts.

Eventually melting it's way to the colonies it has since become a standing summertime favorite. Throughout the country almost every town boasts a home town creamery. There are local shoppes and parlors throughout the states that are thriving family businesses most of which have been scooping up summer delights for generations.

And lots of newcomers as well taking creamery specialties to an haute level. So if it's couture scoops you're after or if just a plain vanilla will do ya- these are just a few brands to consider.

What's your scoop? Tell us about your local fave... is there a creamery in your town that holds a special place near and dear? Or a particular flave your crave? Post a comment and share your dairy dip du jour!

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