Inspire Me Pretty: 3d Inspiration Boards

We've all become rather attached to digital inspiration boards of late- no doubt, they are an amazing tool. Super fab sites like Style Me Pretty and Flickr have made our jobs so much easier and photo sites with great technology like MosaicMaker help convey creative ideas in a snap.

Photo: 4.bp.blogspot.com

But what about the 3d bits and clips you collect (c'mon, quite possibly horde)!? Aren't these the nooks and crannies of life that really inspire you? There is nothing like a 3d inspiration board to convey texture and get ideas flowing... it's just that certain something, the sense of touch that truly fosters creativity within.

Photo: jessicab1992

We took an in depth look at studios & 3d inspiration boards from around the world. Intended to inspire, there are some innovative ideas to update your own space and to re-use some everyday materials to green your office.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all photos are from the Flickr Inspiration Board Pool with individual artist names as noted.

Can't go wrong classic: CORK

Photo: Eileen JospehineB

Photo: adiaryoflovely.blogspotcom

Photo: bearapwandbearpaw
Texture like this would be hard to capture on a 2d board- the photo top left seems to jump off the wall bottom right!

Photos: Left- Eileen Josephine, left- rob45degrees
Love the wall to wall cork (left)- endless space for endless ideas. Contrasted with individual cork panels (right), a fantastic way to organize projects, collections, color palettes.

Photo: ErinLangNorris/YellowCanoe
Whimsical, fun new spin on an old stand by- rolled cork

RE-use: The next concepts are fun and fantastic ways to re-purpose every day objects... from mobiles to embroidery hoops each is an inspiration, in and of itself!

Photo: Maggie&Sparrow

Photo: ke cupcake

Photo: Kathryn Estelle


Photo: tamari dovrat

Fabricated: Next, fabric panel inspiration boards- great in small spaces; they define an area, add texture and are 100% move-able and re-useable.

Photos: top- mayalu, bottom- jls

Photo: afewthingsfrommylife

Photo: On Paper

Photo: Ugo the Koloist

Photos: Left- green wellies, Right- cozymemories

An innovative eco-inspired update to the traditional ribbon board concept:
garden trellis and bamboo sticks combo-ed with twill tape.

Line up: LOTS of really cool clothesline solutions that make great hanging "boards"...

Photo: vee

Photo: MayaLee
Sooo sweet- works best w/ uniform shapes-what a great idea to keep track of business cards

Photos: Left: Memi the Rainbow, Top right: mathilde.2193, middle: Leanda, bottom: kopriva
Check out the Christmas lights (top right) as the framework for hanging.

Photo: Leanda

For a cleaner look- look no further than IKEA- the DIGNITET curtain rod is perfect for hanging everything!

Photo: Pikku-Kettu
The hanging pieces in the bottom photo are swatches placed in a string of zip lock bags- ingenious!

New{s} Clips: Last, but not least... these pix set us in to a clipboard frenzy! Makes you want to rush to the office and hang clip boards everywhere. LUV how tidy this concept is!

Photo: nelliemaeii2
Swoon: note tiny row of wine bottle corks along the top- LUV!

Photo: chrzazcz

Photo: Janice's valise

Photo: nelliemaeii2

So what's on your wall? Send us photos of your inspiration boards and we'll post 'em here!
info@greenpapercompany.com / Subject line: Inspiration Board

Photo: Regina Creative Kismet

Have an inspired day!!


Katie @ Haute Apple Pie said...

LOVE! I have the stuff for my 3d board and have just been too busy to put it together. This is exactly the push I needed. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

GREAT post!

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