Country Living Fair 2010-REcycled Roundup

The Country Living Fair was all it promised to be: gi-normous crowds, a fantastic venue and despite a fair amount of country as usual, a lot of country creative. Plus, we were thrilled to see and uptrend and surprising amount of re-purposed product- you guessed it- country style. Below- a brief roundup of ther overall scene (sooo well done!) and a few stalls...

The Ohio Village is THE perfect place for this fair!

Below, Bloomsbury Loft recycles with a passionate finesse that is hard to beat... Chandeliers, fabric table clothes, pillows and all manner of re-purposed lovelies.

The Garden Patch from Smith's Grove Kentucky has become an annual highlight - their large booth features farm fresh and dried arrangements- locally grown and perfect to welcome Fall's splendor.

More fabric creativity- especially luv the vintage plaids

Platter pleasantries fabricated from glassware and plates

These gals from Kelly Lane hail from Ohio but have a bit of Texas kick- colorful cool clothing from a patchwork of fabrics.

One of several who blend bedspreads with draperies to create modern Scarlett O'Hara couture. A cool trend that began with baby and reached to upscale country luxe.

Here's hoping the Counrty Living Fair returns to Columbus in 2011 for another great run. You can watch a video here and if you missed it- check out the second round in Altanta in October!

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