More Press Props

The Fall issue of Stationery Trends really was the honey pot for media buzz! To top it all off... not only was a Green Paper Co. envelope on the cover (via the lovely 42 Pressed), but inside those pages lies an impressive 4 (count 'em!) page article spotlighting yours truly- moi- and my 13 year retail venture- On Paper.

A great big (HUGE) shout out and thank you to the amazing editor Sarah Schwartz for including such a beautifully written piece- I am truly flattered. To be in the company of Wanda Wen of Soolip fame (featured in the same issue) is an honor. Sarah has done an amazing job creating a industry publication that is so on trend and hits the mark every time.

In an over the top bragging rites indulgence- you can read the article below. It's no secret that we are all working extra hard these days and it is wonderful to be recognized in such a gracious way.

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