New Year's Resolution- ClimateCounts.org Shopping

If you have some time this week... here's a great tool to start planning for the new year: Spend a few minutes on ClimateCounts.org and track some of the companies you support. You can see a breif report on the strides (or back steps) they've made in 2010 and what companies you feel you'd like to begin to support or continue to support in 2011.

Companies are graded on three levels- Stuck, Starting and Striding.

Stuck = channel your dollars elsewhere and send an email with the easy to use template provided telling them to claim corporate responsibility and start making strides.

Starting = the seed has been planted but still a long way to go before the flower blooms.

Striding = the best place to spend your hard earned dollars. Also a great place to email and let them know their efforts have been noticed.

Surprisingly, companies like Nike, General Electric and UPS scored high on the list, which you can search by rank for a quick reference. Equally surprising, Google and The Gap ranked in the low mid scores and Serta, Liz Claiborne and several companies that specialize in product for kids fell at the bottom of the list.

Be it resolved: Consume thoughtfully and carefully in 2011.

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