Horsing Around: Deborah Buterfiled

Photo: Kelsey Givens / Ohio State Lantern

Went to the newly renovated Columbus Museum of Art today and had a quick spin through the galleries. Amongst the lovelies was an old time fave- Joseph - a (massive) horse sculpture by Deborah Butterfield.

Since the '80s Butterfield has collected scrap to create her iconic horses- which she creates at her ranch in Montana and her studio in Hawaii. Thought we'd share a few photos, including recent work to be highlighted at a show this June at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle.

Photo via gregkucera.com

Here's what they say about her work:

"Many of the recent works are made of found metal; most of it bearing colored paint remnants from its original surface. The artist collects metal from wrecked cars, industrial salvage yards, demolished buildings and construction sites and combines them in her Montana studio to create these equine sculptures. Some of the works have utilized three-dimensional letters scavenged from commercial signage bringing an unexpected new element into play. Butterfield has also recently used painted metal from flat signage.

Photo via artnet.com

In constructing her horses Butterfield tries to alter the "as found" shape of the metal pieces as little as possible. The separate parts are not often individually important but gain an elegant context in the artist’s ability to meld them into such a suggestive sculpture. Occasionally, recognizable elements such as a child's tricycle can still be identified within the tangled assemblage of metal parts."

If you are in the Pac Northwest- don't miss this upcoming show of Deborah Butterfiled's recent work: June 2 - July 9, 2011 / Greg Kucera Gallery / 212 Third Avenue South / Seattle

Photos via gregkucera.com

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