It's {Eco} Cocktail Time: Cool as a Cucumber Cocktails

Cheers to summer! It's time for the first in our summer series- "It's Cocktail Time"... Eco inspired cocktails from eco inspired mixologists...

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These two refreshing, cool as a cucumber cocktails feature Cucumber Vodka from Square One Organic Spirits
® - a super cool company serving up super smooth vodka all with a great mission (and great recipes)- Cheers!

This is a cocktail served at Quality Social in San Diego is named after Square One mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann.


1 1/2 oz. Square One Cucumber Vodka

3/4 oz. St. Germain Elderflower liqueur

3/4 oz. lime juice

1/4 oz. simple syrup

Soda water

Cucumber sliced lengthwise and sprinkle of pepper for garnish.


Lay a Collins glass on its side, slide cucumber slice along side of glass and then add ice to keep cucumber in place. Pour all ingredients, except soda, into a mixing glass and shake well. Strain into Collins glass filled with ice and cucumber slice. Top with soda water and sprinkle of black pepper.

French Tart
By Allison Evanow, Founder, Square One


2 oz. Square One Cucumber Vodka

3 oz. ruby red grapefruit juice

1/2 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1/4 oz. organic agave nectar or simple syrup


Combine in a mixing tin with ice. Shake and strain into Collins glass filled with ice and cucumber wheels. Garnish with a grapefruit triangle on glass rim. If grapefruit is very tart cucumber wheel slices & grape fruit triangle for garnish.

Above recipes via Square One

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Another popular, easy to find brand is EFFEN from spirit giant Beam Global. While not a small distillery- we're glad to see them pushing for more pure ingredients. EFFEN Cucumber Vodka is made using natural ingredients and premium spirits distilled from wheat. It offers a crisp, clean cucumber flavor without the use of sugar or artificial flavors. The vodka is made using a "continuous distillation" process in which the liquid is continuously circulated in giant stainless steel columns.

The name EFFEN means smooth, even and balanced in Dutch. It is made from 100% premium wheat and is made by bartenders for bartenders. EFFEN Vodka's bottle design features a non-slip sleeve that is carefully affixed to each bottle by hand.

Inspired by the essence of freshly harvested, vine ripened cucumbers, this new vodka offers a refreshing twist for your classic Bloody Mary. So if Brunch is on the menu this weekend, give this eye opener a shot! ;)

EFFEN® Cucumber Bloody Mary


2 parts EFFEN® Cucumber Vodka
2 Basil Leaves, torn
4 parts Tomato Juice
¾ part Bloody Mary Seasoning


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice and shake. Pour into a serving glass with ice and garnish with a lime wheel and fresh basil leaf.

Recipe via Effen®

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