Green Tips: 7 Steps To Stay On The Green This Summer

As July temperatures skyrocket in to the 90's - it's time for our annual green tips for summer...

1. Be a pest

Stay on course and urge your Country Club, County Pool, Condo Complex to educate, reconsider and revamp the pesticides they are using. Beyond Pesticides is a great resource.

At home, you'll have success with some of the tried and true:
+ A cup of beer attracts slugs.
+ Beetles are all washed up in cup of dish soap.
+ Basil and Citronella are natural mosquito repellents.
+ Peppermint Oil on cotton balls keep away pesky squirrels and critters.

2. The Big Event

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Community events and fairs, church dinners and camps, fundraising events... all super popular during the summer... and all generate an incredible of amount of trash. Contact your local solid waste authority or recycling company who may provide recycling for your event, for free or as a sponsor. If they won't, then it's DIY: Set up cardboard boxes, mark them "RECYCLE" and appoint teams to haul to a recycling location at the end of the day. Make it fun and offer a prize to the team who collects the most.

For smaller events try portable recycling bins from Flings Bins.

3. Home Goods

Go back to basics:

+ Turn the Air Conditioning up when you are not at home. More A/C tips HERE.
+ Unplug small appliances and cable/DVR boxes when not in use.
+ Add a room or ceiling fan.
+ Draw blinds (we luv cellular blinds).
+ Update old in-window air conditioners to more efficient and less expensive models. Donate the old unit.

4. Wash & Dry

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Call your local electric company and find out seasonally what hours are considered OFF PEAK in your area (it varies). Do your laundry and run the dish washer during off peak hours. Saves a bundle of energy and a bundle of cash!

5. Take Out

Whether you are headed to work or heading out on a road trip- just say no to To Go containers and plastic cutlery. Be sure your car and office are stocked with:

+ A set of metal cutlery.
+ Ceramic or melamine plates.
+ Insulated cups. We can't say enough about Tervis Tumblers to keep drinks cold (we just wish we had a nickle for every time we sang their praises! ;)
+ POST-consumer recycled napkins and paper towels.

6. On the Go - Green Hotels

If you are planning a vacation find a green hotel. From LEED certified to simple green initiatives hotels have really stepped it up. A little research will yield a good night's sleep and keep you counting sheep in very green pastures!

7. Cocktails with a twist

Stay tuned for our bi-monthly Friday postings of "It's Cocktail Time" - cool summer recipes for eco-minded mixology. Cheers and Happy Summer!

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