Eco-Hotels in NYC: Element and Yotel

As you may know- we attend a trade show now and then! I attend shows as both an exhibitor and/or as a buyer for my store, On Paper. Whenever we travel we try to seek out greener hotels and two new faves when we head to NYC are ELEMENT where we stayed last trip and YOTEL where we stayed last week while attending the New York International Gift Show.

We highly recommend ELEMENT - It's new, has many truly green features but during the NYIGF it was completely booked - which is a good thing and means more and more people are putting eco at the top of their reservation list! You can check out the hotel on their website here.

Yotel is brand new. If you can get past the name and the somewhat Vegas/60's/motel-ie exterior- Yotel is a pretty great NY find. And super cheap if you can snag one of the NYIGF rates.

Before selecting the hotel, I read that if Steve Jobs were to design a hotel- this would be it. Say no more- good enough for me!

Check-in is on the street level and features self check in kiosks- super easy- and a robot for storing luggage. Fear not, there are real people too- who hand you your key and will happily handle your bags.

The rooms are super tiny (repeat after me- tiny!) But warned in advance I found much appreciation in the incredibly well designed multi-functional space. And compared with several hotels where I've stayed- this felt roomy in spite of it's pint size.

Photos via yotel.com

The most clever part of the room design is the bed that raises and reclines serving double duty as bed/sofa. It's a great concept and leaves you wondering why no one has done this sooner.

Also clever and true to green design, the hotel maximizes it's open space providing common areas that are vast both indoors and out. The hotel boasts a fabulous outdoor terrace and it's fantastic on a summer evening.

Overall- Yotel is a great eco sensitive hotel. It's not glitzy and definitely not a be-seen scene. And make no mistake- it's not "luxury" as they claim. But it's cool- innovative technology focused efficient design, low key and best of all - a short walk to Javits!

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