Clothing Made in the U.S.A. - Fall Picks

I thought this blog post would be a snap... a few shout outs for a few Fall fashion picks from a growing crop of clothiers manufacturing in the USA. Boy was I wrong. Turns out- there really aren't many clothes manufactured in the U.S. and I had to do a bit of digging.

Most of the clothing I did find all have something in common- heritage branding- companies with a long history, a family saga, a devoted interested in the working man (or woman) and a dedication to quality.

The entire concept of heritage branding is really another post, which we'll feature later. It goes beyond a seasonal pick and deserves more in depth coverage. In the interim- if you have a favorite clothing company - or even just a favorite shirt, jean, etc. post a comment. We'd all love to fill our closets with more threads that boast the label: Made in the USA.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to warm up this Fall...

The Portland Collection new from Pendelton launching Fall 2011

Glen Plaid Alicia Jacket - Pendleton- Portland, Oregon. Shadow-weave glen plaid fabric is woven in Pendleton USA Northwest mills. $258

Perfect Tee from Blue Canoe - San Francisco, CA. Rayon from organically grown bamboo, organic cotton and spandex. $52.95

Stronghold River Rinse indigo wash jeans by The Stronghold - Venice, California {cool website, worth a visit}

Harness Leather Road Boots- top grain hide, waterproof scuba liner. $298 at Orvis, Sunderland, Vermont

Dehen 1920 Motorcycle Sweater by Dehen- Portland, Oregon $295 at Woodlands

Made in Michigan Graphic Tee by Carhartt - Irvine, Kentucky $20

Stripe Cardigan by Centralia Knitting Mills - Centralia, Washington. Wool sourced in New England. $180 at Archival Clothing

Canvas cotton tote from Archival Clothing - Portland, Oregon. Waxed cotton canvas/unwaxed cotton duck. $150

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