Cuban Art Posters

I've been wanting to go to Cuba for a loooong time- it seems like the last frontier and perhaps, is the only remaining western city untouched by the modern world. Alas- it is not any easy place to gain access so when I came across Steven Heller's post about Cuban movie posters from the 60's and 70's - I was pretty jazzed!

I love the use of flat graphics in many of them- almost like paper cut outs. And the strong use of color is incredible and a bit surprising given the political climate under which they were created.

No surprise that two recurrent themes- guns and the imposing use of the color black are prominent in much of the imagery. Read more detailed information about technique and the history of Cuban art in posters of all genres at cubanposterart.blogspot.com.

First photo montage of 6 posters via designer Pam Bristow.
Other images, via Imprint and you can find a book link and an excellent article by Steven Heller about these posters HERE.

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