Green Effect

Along with a thousand plus others, we recently entered an exciting contest that is now underway called Green Effect. Together with National Geographic and Sun Chips, on July 22nd they will award not one, but five, $20,000 awards for great ideas that will implement green changes within a community.

We had lots of ideas but submitted the one we thought could have the largest impact on a range of people. We decided transportation was the way to go. The Metra commuter trains in Chicago that service all of the suburban areas do not have recycling bins on the platforms. It's hard to believe a program is not already in place, but with Metra being incredibly under funded it's highly likely we won't see recycle bins any time soon. Think how many newspapers and coffee cups accumulate in just one morning commute. So that's where we'd start.

There are some really great ideas posted- take a look and see what ideas and programs you may be able to adapt and bring in to your community.

As for us, check out our entry: Mass Recycling for Mass Transit and please post a comment so the judges take notice. Today is the last day for entries so post comments soon!

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