Local Favorite: Southport City Grocery

It's no secret that we love us some goodies around here. One of our favorite local spots to indulge in a great lunch, or a little pick me up is Chicago's Southport Grocery. Offering breakfast, takeaway, lunch and a lovely range of groceries - SG has made it on to our weekly stop-by list. While many specialty grocers have an international focus, Southport Grocery & CafĂ© fills an unusual niche by first concentrating on domestic foodstuffs….and many items made and packaged in their own kitchens, and within the Midwest. Loving the local edge!

The owner and founder, Lisa Santos is truly committed to sourcing out the best local and small producers, it's really fun to find something new each time we pop in for a little something;

“It’s such an interesting time in American food production. It’s very possible now to find high-quality specialty products and artisanally produced foodstuffs right here in the U.S.” And I admit that finding a passionate producer or artisan is almost as important as the product itself.”

“I really enjoy the hunt of finding things that are good AND domestic. The best part of that search is finding a company where the owners are just as excited about being found, as you are about to taste their product. That energy and momentum really carries through to our enthusiasm in the store.”

Aside from all the fabulous savories featured on their menu and in the shop, Southport Grocery has quite possibly one of the most luxurious cupcakes in Chicago (and well, anywhere). In fact, when we were there for lunch this week, we were told that if you become a "fan" of Southport Grocery on Facebook, you stand to receive a free cupcake every Tuesday. This could be trouble, in a very sweet way.

Images via Southport Grocery

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