Gift Bags made from Envelopes!

Really! We couldn't believe it either, and were SO excited when we found a great post from the always fantastic DIY stylings of How About Orange. Another super-talented Chicagoan, Jessica Jones has created a blog is chock full of great projects and even has a line textile designs.

Naturally, we had to try these 'baglets' (also known as gift bags made from envelopes) - especially using our printed envelope collection! So great for favors and small gifts!!!

Left to right: 100% pcw Green Paper Company printed envelopes; Goldenseal Floral, Jackpine Bird on Branch, Ash Medallion, Chestnut Solid envelope. All transformed into gift bags!

To try this surprisingly easy project, visit How About Orange, or see the step by step below (via How About Orange).

1 comment:

Make Do & Send said...

Great tutorial! I just did a little test run with an old envelope I got in the mail and it looks great. Im sure Im going to find lots of uses for these :)

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